Real Estate Trade

Real Estate Trade


In today’s real estate market, Homeowners and Agents/Brokers have to be creative to sell a preexisting property and get another. All too often, Offers are determined by the Buying party selling their home first. removes this barrier and loosens real estate target flow once more. Most people place a property on the market since they desire to purchase another property.


Relocating to a different city


Getting into the city/Moving to more rural setting

Needing a single story home

Consider it as house dating.

I like your house.

Can you like mine?

If so, let’s buy each others' home.

Real Estate professionals know how important it's to offer clients various options sell their current property and buy a new one. is definitely an innovative Seller-To-Seller tool to aid facilitate this. There aren't any fees unless a Trade happens. There are no late charges when compared with a traditional transaction for your Homeowner and the Selling Agent gets an extra 1% (standard, negotiable). View our Costs page for details.

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